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The Sam Taylor Fund provides grant funding to eligible property owners that are located within the historic district of the downtown improvement area and is part of the Taylorville Main Street Program.  The purpose of the fund is to provide an incentive to property owners to invest funds into improving the visual character of the facade of the property through rehabilitation that will contribute to the overall historic streetscape of the downtown area.   The end goal of the program is to improve the visual image of the overall downtown area thereby attracting new businesses and customers to the downtown. 

Although there has been several property owners that have benefitted from the Sam Taylor Fund in the past, during this year grant funds have been approved for six façade revitalizations and the list is continuing to grow!  The scope of work that has been approved included window replacement (the requirements for window replacement are very specific, please make certain you contact Taylorville Main Street before you begin your work!), window repairs, awning replacement, painting, door replacement and soffit and trim repair.  The investments that the downtown property owners have made have a significant visual impact on our downtown.   


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